Thank you very much for help F. to create such sweet and beautiful song!  I am very grateful we got a wonderful piano teacher!  You have so much passion!  -- Mary

Thanks to you for all you do for the students as well as the community.  You are such a blessed gift and it totally shows!!!  -- Clarissa


Mrs. Dacus is a rare find in a piano teacher....she is an excellent teacher who helps budding pianists reach their full musical potential. She understands children and how they learn, thus piano lessons are joyful adventures in the world of music....and might include a bit of geography, vocabulary, history, math or science as well! Kansas' loss is North Carolina's gain....piano students of Mrs. Dacus are blessed! My first grade daughter summed her up most appropriately when she said "Mrs. Dacus has a special heart."  -- Neila


If you are looking for a top-notch piano teacher, we highly recommend Sheila. She is a highly trained pianist and she has an exceptional ability to teach piano in a way that is fun and interesting. There are many wonderful piano teachers...but Sheila is the best! – Kari


I can’t imagine a more perfect teacher for M.  You have a beautiful way with him and have taught him so much this past year.  You have been such a blessing to M. to our whole family.  You have helped nurture M.’s love and talent for music.  -- Ingrid


We want to thank you for sharing your fantastic gift of teaching & love of music with our grandchildren, L. & M., as well as with so many others.  We are so happy with the progress that L. and M. have made with your instruction & encouragement.  You’ve laid a solid, strong foundation for L. and M. to build on as they progress in music.  – Jean & Paul



There's not another teacher as good as Mrs. Dacus!  She is very encouraging. I can see how a lot of her students continue and become successful. – S., age 13

I am really glad that you were my first piano teacher.  I liked your studio because we played games during lessons, you gave us music money, and had group classes.  I liked it when you were picky because I knew you were helping me make them better.  You were very patient with me when I made mistakes, and I felt very comfortable around you.  You made learning how to play piano very fun, and I really liked taking lessons with you.  – L., age 10


I have learned more than you can imagine!  -- L., age 18


You are fun, patient, and kind.  I really enjoy going to your studio.  -- J., age 10


Thanks for sharing the love of music with me.  I know music is very dear in your heart, and that is something I’ll never forget about you.  I love the fact that you’re always cheerful.  During the couple of years that we’ve worked together, you’ve brought so much joy in my life.  Every lesson has been a great success!  --J., age 15


You are an awesome piano teacher and I am very lucky to have had you as a piano teacher.  -- L., age 11


Thank you for being a nis techer.  I like lerning piano with you. … You are the best!  -- A., age 7



Mrs. Dacus! Thank you so much for having a profound impact on my life. You taught me to love music and to be able to perform for others. This may not seem like much to some, but to me it means the world. I have used the skills you taught me in almost every aspect of confidence and development. I can sit through a concert and hear the very essence of music and find beauty in things that others may miss.  I played the piano today for the first time in over 6 months and it was so wonderful to sit down and remember some of the pieces that I had played for so long.  We all enjoyed me playing, and I enjoyed it the most. Thank you for all the memories and the great teaching.   – Matt, stationed in Afghanistan